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Manhunt International is organised to promote new faces for the male modelling and fashion industry. They also become role models and good corporate citizens for younger people to look up to.

Contestants are judged on the following :

CATWALK AND RUNWAY SKILLS : where they display their ability to carry clothes they wear on stage, their style, their stage presence and self-confidence.

PHOTOGENIC ABILITY : where they present themselves in front of top photographers and pose for cameras. They should be agile, versatile and comfortable in front of the lens man. They should able to project their personality in front of the cameras for magazines' fashion pages and press advertisements.

PHYSICAL AND PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES : in which they should project health lifestyle, youthfulness and vitality. They should have a well-proportioned body. We are not in search of body builder physique or muscle man. A lean, well toned body and healthy looking body is what we look for.

PERSONALITY : They should have an excellent personality with positive attitudes, polite, good communication skills and friendly in nature. As all Manhunt International winners will also become good role models and ambassadors of their countries and for Manhunt International.